Sticks & Stones Gardens
307 Port Road
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 648-9210

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Sticks and Stones was born in the spring of 2002.  We started out by potting up 500 perennial plants the first year and 1000 the second year. For the first two years we sold these plants with our neighbor in her spring garage sale. 

In 2004 we decided that we had outgrown the garage sale scene and sold 2500 Annual, perennial, & vegetable plants in our own front yard.
There was no turning back now.  We knew there was a need for quality home grown plants that everybody could afford.  Our Mission is to sell plants that are grown on our property and are healthy and hardy.  We knew if the plants could survive in our harsh weather conditions on top of the hill, then they would do well in anyone’s yard.

In 2005 we took a large leap forward and built our first greenhouse.  A 10′ x 24′ pole barn with polycarbonate covering.  We packed it full the first year and sold 5000 plants in our front yard in May.  We built our second greenhouse in 2006.  This was a used 20′ x 48′ greenhouse kit with hoops and plastic covering.  The 2006 sale was held in our front yard again and we sold about 7000 plants.

In the summer of 2006 we were able to purchase the property adjacent to ours.  The property contained a mobile home and a garage that was in need of repairs. We gave away the mobile home and spent the next several months hauling metal, trash, and TIRES (84 of them!) away to the landfill.  In 2007 we held our first sale at our new location 200 feet south of our previous location.

In 2007 our inventory had grown to 10,000 items including hanging baskets, decorative pots, and a wide variety of six packs.  The sale was a huge success, the parking situation was not.  We spent the next several months rebuilding the entire business property.  The old garage was removed and a new garage was constructed.  A parking lot and new sales area was created.  And finally a much needed 30′ x 48′ greenhouse was built in the sales area.  We now felt that we had a permanent home for Sticks and Stones.

During the 2008 season over 12,000 items were sold.  Our line of decorative pots and planters had greatly expanded and were very successful.  The new garage and greenhouse made selling plants much more enjoyable.
2013 was a very busy year.  We had to expanded our Fall and Christmas Seasons due to the overwhelming response from our customers.  We grew a large batch of beautiful mums and sold over a 100 pumpkins.  We made Holiday Wreaths for three fundraisers and opened our Christmas Shop for the month of December.

During the 2014 year we continued to grow by adding another greenhouse.  The 5th greenhouse is being used to grow a second batch of annuals, veggies & herbs to meet the needs of our expanding customer base.  We once again had a very busy Fall and Christmas Season.  Our fresh handmade wreaths and kissing balls continue to be a huge hit.

2015 was very difficult but rewarding year.  The 2014/2015 winter was very hard and took a great toll on the greenhouses.  When we started growing in early March we had 4′-6′ snow drifts around the greenhouses which had to be removed by hand.  The outside sales area and parking lot still had snow piles into April.  After the snow melted and it warmed up the Spring Plant Season was a great success.  2015 was our last year growing and selling mums.  We have decided that we need more time off between the Spring and Christmas Seasons to perform maintenance and to go on family vacations.  The 2015 Christmas Season was our biggest ever and went very smoothly.  We concentrated strictly on our own shop and it was a huge success.

We are very excited about the upcoming Season. We are always changing and updating our sales area and greenhouses.  We will be offering another great selection of plants for sale this year.   We will have over 30,000 items that will be ready for sale starting on the last Friday in April.  We will again be offering our custom potting service this year, as it was very successful last year.

We hope to see you there.  Sign up for our e-mail list on our contact page & like us on Facebook.

Thank You to all of our loyal customers,
Dawn, Kevin, Joey & Parsley Worden